Sermons by Topic (Pastor Gillit)

These sermon series were preached by Pastor Tyler Gillit. Pastor Gillit started serving as the pastor of Worth Baptist Church in 2016.

  • Abraham - A Worldwide Blessing
  • Acts: The Church on a Mission

    Pastor Gillit's study of the book of Acts during 2017.

  • Beyond The Hurt (1st Peter)
  • The Big Picture: From Prologue to Epilogue
  • Book Study - Ephesians

    Pastor Tyler Gillit's sermon series through the book of Ephesians on Sunday nights in 2016.

  • Book Study - Galatians

    Pastor Gillit started a Wednesday evening study through the book of Galatians on 01/10/2018.

  • Book Study - Jonah

    Pastor Tyler Gillit's sermon series through the book of Jonah on Sunday mornings in 2016.

  • Book Study - Ruth
    Pastor Gillit's series on the Book of Ruth. Wednesday evenings in 2017.
  • Christ at The Center

    Pastor Gillit's vision series for Worth Baptist Church in 2016 called "Christ at The Center." 

  • The Danger of Half-Way Discipleship
    "The Danger of Half-Way Discipleship" Pastor Gillit's sermon series from the Book of Judges. The pastor started this series in the Fall of 2016 on Wednesday evenings.
  • Extraordinary Encounters

    One of the best ways to study the life of our Lord Jesus is to study the encounters He had with people throughout the four gospels. He encountered blind people, lame people, death people, and even a few dead people. He encountered skeptics and believers and those stuck somewhere in between.  He often encountered large multitudes of people but He wasn't afraid of one on one encounters. There were two common denominators in every encounter the Lord Jesus had - (1) the were all extraordinary, and (2) they were all life changing.

  • Holy Hungers

    "Holy Hungers: The Christian Life You Really Crave" a six week series from Pastor Tyler Gillit.

  • I Choose To Change

    Pastor Tyler Gillit's series about change entitled, "I Choose To Change."

  • Knowing God

    Pastor Gillit's series of sermons entitled "Knowing God" were preached during the Sunday Morning Worship hour in 2016.

  • The Life of David

    Pastor Gillit's study  of the Life of David during the Sanctuary Sunday School class during 2017.

  • The Life of Joseph

    Pastor Gillit's study  of the life of Joseph on Wednesday evenings in 2016.

  • Make Disciples
    Make Disciples. The 2017 theme for Worth Baptist Church. Matthew 28:18-20
  • Moments with Pastor Gillit
  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five - Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work.

    The vast majority of us will spend most of our life at work. This series will focus on why we get up and go to work week? In this series, Pastor Gillit will open up God's word to help us learn how connect Sunday worship and Monday work. In your nine-to-five did you use your work to the glory of God?

  • Our Only Hope For Happiness

    Pastor Tyler Gillit preaches through the Sermon on the Mount and The Beatitudes in series entitled "Our Only Hope For Happiness" on Wednesday nights.